I can't FWEEP !!

Yikes. The twins are 3 years old and have been sleeping through the night for 2 years. Amy has decided that every 3 hours ( I'm guessing each sleep cycle) that she's going to wake up yelling at the top of her lungs that she can't "fweep!"

Sigh. Thought the sleepless nights were behind me. Now while she doesn't stay awake for very long - her voice and lung capacity are long and loud enough to wake her brother who is next to her, and sister on the other side of the wall. So 3 times a night I am getting up, tucking her in, telling her that 'yes, she can fweep '- and 'no - she can't fweep in my bed,' and then she goes back to sleep.

All of this late night nonsense has brought up the issue of how and when do you separate fraternal boy/girl twins. Her brother Cody would probably sleep through an earthquake and isn't really bothered if she's not always at his side. Amy on the other hand is very attached and will NOT be without him , or without knowing where he is at all times.

Right now they share a futon. It's close to the floor so no one gets hurt if they roll out of bed, and it gives them enough space not to be banging into each other. They've always slept together - first in the same bassinette, then in the same co-sleeper, then the same room with separate cribs and now sharing a futon. Will it wreck some of their twin bond to split them up so we can all get more sleep? How long should boys and girls share a room. When is old enough? Or do I just resign myself to many more sleepless nights and hope for the best.

Just thinking out loud today - sleep deprivation makes for rambling. For those of you with advice or ideas - please post in the comments or write me through my contact page at Contact Me
And while you're there - post some pictures of your twins for our cutest twins contest!


Silver said...

It sucks when they come up with new and creative ways to make us sleep less! :)

I wish I had an extra room to separate my boys, I have one that doesn't seem to need/want to sleep. He will wake his brother up to play. Good luck with splitting them up. I did have the boys apart for a while when they were younger, so they just yelled louder!

lonestar818 said...

I hear ya on sleep deprivation...

My twins are 7 and still prefer to sleep together most of the time. We tried moving them into separate rooms at age 3 but they ended up always sleeping together, just taking turns which room they slept in. So we put them back together and made the other room a playroom.

The Broken Man said...

With my total lack of experience of raising twins, or even one child, I can confidently say that at some point they will decide to sleep seperately! :)

The Broken man

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