Hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil

Or speak no Knock Knock Jokes!

The twins have discovered knock knock jokes. The problem is that they don't quite get the concept and they are slowly driving me crazy !

If they're not asking me -
"mom - knock knock"
Me "who's there"
Twin "pickle"
Me "pickle who?"
Twin "Pickle - umm- hey -I forgot, pickle say banana - no - I like to ...." total lost train of thought and then it starts all over again with the punchline forgotten each time.

Or better yet - when they are asking each other
Twin A "knock knock"
Twin B "who's there?"
Twin A "orange"
Twin B " orange who?"
Twin A " um - orange, no - banana you didn't - hey - no fair - you said pickle- it's my turn silly billy - no fair - mom !!!!!!!"

Or of course when they are coming up with some totally ridiculous made up word like 'foo-foo face' that sends them both off into peals of laughter. Once , is funny, 18 times in a row - not so funny anymore !

Trying to feed them dinner - knock knock jokes, bathtime - more jokes - all day - we are living knock knock jokes !

And to think we as parents try so hard when they are young to encourage our babies to communicate and speak as early as possible. Sigh. I know - it's only a stage and it will pass -

I may need to borrow some of my husbands ear plugs....


Silver said...

Enjoy your Knock Knock jokes! :)

lonestar818 said...

LOL, that is too funny!

My twins make up words sometimes too, they used to call each other "cheeky-belly" and sometimes they thought it was hilarious and other times they acted like it was the worst insult. I never did figure out exactly what it was supposed to mean :).

Joyfull said...

I'll bet the knock knock jokes are double the fun. I remember how one joke would take forever to get out!
Thanks for visiting my cooking blog, how did the ham and hash brown casserole turn out?