When you're not paying attention....

My twins have grown up with me working from home. When I was doing internet marketing I was on the phone a lot and they quickly learned that that was the time to get into trouble because mommy wasn't really watching them. That , coupled with the fact that while I'd be on the phone always seemed to be the optimum time for someone to yell
"mommy come and wipe my bum !!!!!!!" loud enough for the person on the line to hear made my choice of careers slightly difficult and often embarrassing.

Now that I work exclusively online - the phone problems are no longer there - but I do tend to get caught up in things. After asking me for something a number of times and being told ' in a minute' - that usually tells the twins to go for it - mom's not watching.

I was building a webpage and noticed that it had gotten a little TOO quiet around here ( always a bad sign ). I left my office and started walking around - and couldn't find them ! I went downstairs and flicked on the light.....

2 giggling, naked little people went STREAKING past me and up the stairs covered head to toe in marker stripes. When asked - they were 'playing tigers'. They had even managed to color inside their ears! After a couple of photos and a lot of supressed laughter on my part , I tried to sternly put them in the tub.

Just another reminder to me that I really need to pay more attention some times!

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lonestar818 said...

That's hilarious! (and so cute). I get nervous too when our house gets too quiet, usually means the boys are up to something :)