What exactly is a WAHM anyway?

WAHM - what exactly is that ? Well the acronym stands for 'work at home mom'. Now don't get me wrong - all moms work ! The 'wahm' part of it is whether or not you're actually seeing a paycheck come in. Unfortunately no one out there will pay you for doing laundry and changing dirty diapers.

I get tons of emails every day, a lot of it is spam, but there will be those emails that I get that I need to respond to. Since I am the editor at RaisingTwins.com,I get twin mommies sending me emails asking how they can make money online at home for their families. Daycare for twins plus other children if you have them is really expensive !

There is not one straight answer for this question. Every family is different and in order to be your own boss - you need to be motivated and willing to multi-task a lot. I've tried a lot of things in order to be home with my kids and still help out with the family budget. Most of the moms that write me don’t know where to begin. They're not sure what is real and what is a scam. They know they want to make money but they don’t know if they want to build a website, join an affiliate program, do some kind of internet marketing or sales etc. Some don’t have any idea what there is available, and some just want to be paid for - well - doing nothing.

The advent of the internet has really opened up a whole new world for moms who want the best of both worlds. If you are willing to be educated and still 'work' hard, the benefits to both you and your family are incredible. Having your own business is very empowering as a woman and a mother. It also allows you to connect with other intelligent, wahm's so you're not so isolated if you are at home.

Many women who choose to leave their careers to have children miss the accomplishments, the recognition, and of course, the paychecks that come from working outside the home. Having twins for a lot of people doubles the expense of daycare - so if you're not earning a significant income at your job, you may find you are working - just to pay someone else to watch your children grow up.

After receiving these questions for the last few years, I decided to write this blog. Out of all the things I have done online to generate income, utilizing the internet has been the best way. I know how easy it is, to make an extra income at home by blogging and from building websites. You can even signup for a FREE blog if you don’t have any extra money for your own domain. I know there are many moms, dads, students and more out there who would love for an opportunity to make some extra cash at home in their spare time. This is especially true if they can make that extra income and not have to leave their house.

What is blogging ? Well, it is just creating an online journal of some sort. What a blog is about depends on the author who is publishing it. Blogs back in the 1990’s started out as web logs for servers. Now they are online diaries, journals, websites, random thoughts, or whatever you want them to be. Site building if done correctly, can also bring in money and personal satisfaction.

I've managed to stay home with my twins since I first got pregnant with them. I haven't missed a moment. And that, is priceless.

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